Doubts: The Traitors of the Mind


“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.” – William Shakespeare

Everyone has those advisers of doubt counseling them from within their mind.  Doubts are those voices that remind you of all the negative scenarios that could present themselves along your path toward achievement and personal growth.  Doubts will try to convince you that you won’t be successful, so why even bother putting in the time and effort?

From procrastination to fear, their advice starts to cast a shadow of doubt within you over your abilities to accomplish what you want.  Unfortunately, we almost all listen because after all, they are only trying to protect you from failure or embarrassment right? WRONG.

Your doubts have you fooled!  In reality, their sole mission is not to protect, but to prevent.  They seek only to prevent you from taking actions toward your goals and dreams.  They are as Shakespeare so brilliantly described, traitors to achievement.

The only way to completely guarantee that you will NEVER accomplish any of your goals and dreams is to heed the advice of your doubts and never try.

So what are some things you can start doing that can help you to start overcoming your doubts?

Awareness of Your Doubts

We all have doubtful thoughts, but we don’t all acknowledge them for what they are.  Doubts are a cunning adversary and the first step to overcoming them in your life is with awareness.

Start to train yourself to become aware of their pattern of language.  “This is too difficult, I’m not like that or I could never.”  Train yourself to identify these doubtful phrases and others like them as they arise within your mind.  Become an observer of your thoughts, and develop a level of detachment from them.  Becoming more aware of your doubtful thoughts as they happen brings you to the next step in overcoming them…

Identifying the Triggers

Now that you have begun to identify and recognize your doubtful thoughts, you can start to analyze their triggers.  What scenarios are triggering your thoughts of self-doubt?  Doubts are usually a reflection of a personal insecurity or come from a lack of self-confidence in oneself.

Try to take a few minutes to evaluate and find the origin of your doubts the next time they arise.  Once you find these triggers, you can start to work to overcome them. You don’t need to know the exact event that started your doubts, but it’s important to have a general idea of the areas of your life that cause you to start thinking those doubtful thoughts.

Become More Competent

Most of us have doubts in certain areas because we haven’t yet acquired enough information on the subject to be confident.  We don’t take the necessary actions on our goals and dreams because we simply don’t know what to do next.

In psychology there is something called the confidence/competency loop; the more competent or informed you become in a certain area, the more confidence you gain. With more confidence, comes more action, and action builds experience and competency.

Competency builds Confidence, Confidence leads to Action and Action develops Competency which builds more Confidence.  This is the confidence/competency loop.

Take Action

Action is the most important step of all.  We have all heard it said before, but taking action toward your goals is the ONLY way to see them come into fruition.

You could be the most confident and competent person on any certain subject, but if you don’t actually take action to apply the skills and knowledge you have, then it’s all for nothing.

Start to doubt your doubts.  Create a plan for overcoming them, and achieving your goals and dreams.  Then go into action and just do it!

When the inevitable problems arise and those advisers of doubt begin informing you of all the reasons why it won’t work out or you can’t do it, tell yourself that the plan for success does not include listening to doubts…push forward with positivity, confidence, and faith.

“Knowledge is not enough, we must apply.  Willing is not enough, we must do.” – Bruce Lee 

SOURCE: The Seeds 4 life



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