What Is A Dark Night Of The Soul?

dark_nightThe «Dark Night Of The Soul» is very common for people during the process of soul transmutation or alchemy where all the stored darkness (unprocessed emotions, feelings, old traumas, karma, distorted beliefs) that are stored in our chakras ~ rise to surface for us to process through so we can permanently release them from our energy fields.

A Dark Night Of The Soul is like a little death ~ death of the ego and shadow consciousness. Many people on the ascension path will experience the dark night of the soul several times throughout their journey to higher and higher states of consciousness. During this time period one may feel very alone, confused, sad, depressed, overwhelmed and uncertain of what direction they are headed in. The dark night of the soul can be a lengthy and profound absence of light and hope. Many people have said they feel like they are dying inside…..and actually, the old energies within them, that no longer serve them, are dying.

Part of personal soul ascension involves the kundalini snake or coiled dormant creator energy that resides in every human, at the base of our spine, to rise up from the root chakra and burn away the blocks and barriers within each chakra until it finally makes its way up to the crown chakra where divine illumination and the experience of God and ONENESS, with all things, occurs. As the kundalini rises, it prompts the transmutation of the distorted, off pitched vibrations in our chakra system to be purified. And this process can feel terrible because energy never dies! Once negative energy is created within our being it doesn’t just disappear….the lower vibrational energies must be raised in frequency in order for it to be transformed into LIGHT. During this process, the negative energies come up for us to shine the light of our conscious awareness on them so we can FEEL them, and release them from our energy fields. It is basically ~ soul alchemy ~ where we turn our darkness (lead) into light (gold). Gold is symbolic of the christ consciousness.

The best way to move through this very difficult time period is to simply surrender to the process. It is our resistance to our pain that creates more pain. When we allow the density within us to rise to the surface and we fully feel it…..we let go of it. And this is the key ~ TO LET GO OF IT. We need to learn to take the medicine (soul lesson) and leave the pain behind. Feel the pain, understand that it has a lesson for you…..learn from it, gather the wisdom it has to offer, give gratitude for it, and move forward without getting stuck in your «story». If we get stuck in our «story»….we have not taken responsibility for ourselves and we have not gained the wisdom! The «story» will drain our precious life force energy!

The main point of soul ascension/soul healing is to get rid of the old energies that keep us stuck in a vicious cycle of recreation. If we allow ourselves to fully feel the energies that arise ~ they flow right through our entire chakra system and out of our bodies. If we resist our feelings, we contract and create blocks within our chakra system that block us from an abundant free flowing spiritual life force energy from our higher self.

The Dark Night Of The Soul is temporary. Just like a baby moves through the darkness of the birth canal before its birth….. an ascending soul will also move through the chaos and darkness of the void before the birth of it’s magnificence.

Source: How to Raise your Vibration




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