Why it’s Necessary to Keep Emotions Out…


Many of us operate with the mindset that emotions and feelings are signs of love/good; and that they indicate whether something is real or not. This is why a lot of us get confused when we hear “Don’t Let Emotions Lie to You.” or “Don’t Let Your Feelings Lead You or You’ll Get Heartbroken and Make Wrong Decisions” and so forth. Those two ideas sound contradictory and either one can appear absolutely correct to many. I am writing on this topic to bring clarity about emotions, if you are one of those confused individuals when it comes to this subject.

All emotions aren’t bad but, all emotions aren’t good. Happiness is an emotion and so is sadness. When those who are aware of the destruction emotions can bring try to warn you to not let emotions govern you, they are simply advising you to not let the negative emotions take over and sometimes it’s best to keep both positive and negative emotions out of the picture.

Emotions can cause us to make decisions based on how we feel, rather than on what needs to be done. If your decision is sparked by positive or negative emotions then in some cases, its best to keep your emotions uninvolved. When one is operating on negative emotions, they tend to make decisions that will bring forth bad results. Negative emotions only help you dig a deeper grave for yourself. It can lead you to be blinded, keep you from doing what is right and what needs to be done. However, positive emotions can have the same effect. Unlike negative emotions, positive emotions help you focus on good results. The only issue with this is that positive emotions can cause you to be overly optimistic and forget to see and do things more in a realistic manner.

Emotions allow us to experience the good and the bad of life. Emotions are simply a human trait; it isn’t a man or woman thing. We all have emotions and feel a certain way about certain things at a certain time. Although emotions exist, positive emotions are great but its best to keep both away from certain decisions especially when it comes to love. Taking emotions out of important issues allows you to be realistic rather than being overly optimistic or pessimistic.

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